New picturebook for inspiration

Last saturday I was in Utrecht. Of course I had to visit some bookshops! In one of the bookshops I found a cool picturebook with the Dutch titel ‘Het Dieren Jazzcarnaval’. This book is written by Taï-Marc le Thanh and Rose Poupelain.

When I saw the cover of the book I loved the book immediately. The colors are so bright and the illustrations are very detailed. Lees verder/continue reading


Halloween jewelry


Halloween is Coming…

Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. I just love Halloween! I'm trilled to see Halloween gets bigger and bigger in The Netherlands every year. With spooky and scary events everywhere, there are many things to do. The jealousy I feel when I see decorated houses from America, damn! So amazing how much work people put in Halloween decorations. The Halloween home decoration in the stores here are also becoming more and more each year (hurray!).

Because I am a big fan of Halloween I decided to make an Halloween jewelry collection. I started a search for cute, fun and spooky Halloween jewelry components. I used those components in designs with techniques from my comfort zone like marbled textures and crackle textures. The Halloween collection has a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

This slideshow gives a impression of the Halloween collection:

The Halloween jewelry collection is available in my Etsy shop and on my Facebook page.