Elfia 2016 – costume and jewelry

The Elf Fantasy Fair, also called Elfia is a fantasy event in Holland. This event takes place every year in April in the place Haarzuilen. It’s a world focused on fantasy. There are many stalls with all kinds of stuff like clothing, jewelry and other handmade fantasy products. It is a great source of inspiration.Lees verder/continue reading


Decorative dragon eggs

I love dragons and everything about them. A little while ago I saw something that I had to try; handmade dragon eggs. They are the perfect fantasy home decoration. You can put them in your bookcase (ofcourse next to the fantasy book series), but they are also looking cute in a, I can’t find the English word for it. Translate says ‘jar’, but that isn’t correct. It looks like a dish cover, but with a glass round lid.Lees verder/continue reading

Blue vampire fantasy necklace & bracelet

I love making textures for illustrations and jewellery. Just sitting at my desk and make a mess with paint and other materials. When I try to discover new texturetechnique it’s just a matter of trying,trying and some more trying. Experimenting is the only way to find out if a texture works for jewellery designs. There are many times when I try things that doesn’t work out. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s a learning proces.Lees verder/continue reading

More (illustrated) jewelery in 2016

2015 was the year I gave it a try to make my own jewelery. I made jewelery before, but not with my own handmade textures. It was hard at first and lots of jewelery settings and components were ruined alnog the way. But with a little but more experience I really see the fun of it. Every piece is unique and I love it! I’m definitely making more in 2016.Lees verder/continue reading