A day in the studio – The magic of the moon

A beautiful night with a bright moon, who doesn’t think that’s magical? I always believed the moon  is quite interesting. We learn more and more about the earth, the stars and the universe, but there are still many questions that hasn’t been answered yet. It has something mysterious. The moon has important roles in stories and folklore. The function can vary, but the moon and the moonlight are always magical. It has a strong energy that can’t be explained.


I didn’t chose the moon as an important element of my logo by accident. I truly believes it fits the magical fantasy theme that I search form my company’s identity. Therefore I also think moon jewelry is an important part of the jewelry designs that I make.

I already made a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by the moon. It’s still a great theme to work with. Today I made some time to work with this theme again. I have several new ideas that I think would be very cool.

A little while back I received some awesome jewelry parts. There were, among other part, beautiful filigree moon charms in this package. Back then I was too busy to make new designs, so I made some time now. It’s still very busy, but sometimes it’s just nice to relax and to see if I can come up with new design ideas.

I always sketch my ideas on paper first. This I do for a reason. When I start right away with combining and searching for jewelry parts, they are everywhere at the end of the day. I go through all the trays and boxes and at the end of the day my desk is a mess. I hate that! So, when I sketch on paper first I get a general idea of what I want to make. The second step is finding the right materials. This way I don’t need to go through all of the trays. I hate cleaning up and this way I can prevent huge messes. It works perfectly for me.


With the new charms in mind I started sketching ideas. The ideas are quite general. A crescent moon necklace, a triple moon necklace (horizontal) and a triple moon necklace (vertical). What’s awesome about those new charms is that I have two different sizes. A ‘general’ (from what you can find online) vertical moon charm has a big cresent moon, a round and a smaller crescent moon. With the other moon charm I only had 1 size, so I couldn’t make a design like that. With those new charms, I can! I truly love those new charms, hihi. I think you guys are going to see it a lot xD.

It are still all just tests, but I like where this is going:


And something else what’s new. I wanted to make some designs with birthstones. This moon charm goes very well with a birthstones. I still have to make better pictures of it before I can add it to the store, but I love this design! Besides birthstones I will also use this idea with handmade marble stones. Prepare for a moon jewelry overload :P.

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