A trip to Scotland

Some of you who follow me on Instagram have seen I posted some pictures taken in Scotland. Together with my husband we rent a car and made a trip through Scotland.


I really love Scotland. The cities are beautiful, the nature is breathtaking and everywhere you go, you can find whiskey. It’s a wonderful country.

We have visited some castles during our time there. And there are a lot of castles in Scotland. I liked it to learn a little bit more about their history and I liked it to see and imagination how people lived back in the days.


We also visited an old Abby. Very impressive as well! We got an audio guide and I found it really interesting to hear how those people lived their lives.


We made a lot of hikes as well. The nature is so beautiful out there, i don’t even have words for it. If you are a nature person as well, you can probably understand that walking there was very relaxing. You literally feel returning the piece within yourself. No stress, no negativity, just walking in a beautiful environment. When I think about it, it makes me wanna go back.


Oh and of course we visited Loch Ness. Sadly we didn’t spot the monster. It was to cold to really swim in the water, but we dipped our feets! Something else we just had to do, was making a trip on the Jacobite Train. Or, the Harry Potter train. As Harry Potter fans we just had to make this trip!


We also visited some whiskey distilleries. Bowmore and Dalwhinnie to be specific. It was really nice to learn about the whiskey making process and I particularly liked the tasting part.

We visited different cities, Edinburgh, Glassgow and Inverness for example. And when I am in a city, I always try to find a bookstore. And we found some pretty awesome bookstores! In Inverness you have a second hand bookstore called ‘Leakey’s Bookshop’. Literally everywhere you look, you see books. It is amazing!

It pleased me to see so much fantasy books in the stores. From what I can tell, the Scottish really like the fantasy genre. They have some nice fairytales and folklore stories themselves as well. I brought them home as a souvenir. The illustrations in the books are very nice.


Something else I like a lot about the Scots, are the Celtic Designs. You see them everywhere. On clothes, on service but also used in jewelry. It was very inspirational! I have some nice jewelry ideas in my head!

It was a beautiful and inspirational trip that I will remember for a very long time. I can really reccommend you to visit Scotland if you get the chance. It’s a wonderful country.

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