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A few weeks ago we went to Deutschland. We were in the Eiffel, what a beautiful place! Dense forests and untouched nature, absolutely stunning! I already  suspected the place to be beautiful, so I took some jewelry designs and my camera with me.

I thought it would be fun to experiment a bit more with photographing my jewelry designs in natural surroundings. The forest was a perfect place for that experiment. I wanted to create a magical, mysterious atmosphere, with a slightly dark touch/lightning.

I am not a photographer, but I find photography and the creating of images and photo’s really interesting. Especially when I can manage to photograph in a style that identifies me and my company.

Every beginning is difficult

I’ve practices with jewelry photography in natural environments before. The first photo’s I made haven’t been published anywhere. Very amateurish. Everything about those photo’s was wrong. The lightning, the pose, the sharpness and don’t get me started about the style. In my defense, I just got my new camera and the only thing I knew was which button to press to make a photo.

Luckily some years have past and I did more research about photography. I have practiced a lot and nowadays I now a bit more about focusing, lightning, etc. I’am still no professional, but I don’t need to be. For me photography is an interest, but also a side issue. Of course I need good product photo’s that represent the products that I make, but it’s not the most important task.

For my product pictures I try to find a balance between simplicity/clarity and creating a style/atmosphere. Simplicity/clarity is more important, because you want to show your products the best way you could, but by using your own style, you create a corporate identity. And that is important as well.

Jewelry photography in the forest

For this photo shoot in the forest I had my goals set. I wanted to create this slightly darker fantasy-mysterious-magical look. I am sure a professional photographer will have tons of comments and criticism on those pictures, but for me this level of quality is enough. I am really happy with those results.



Dream-Catcher-Amethist-Necklace-Gemstones-SB Designs Creations

Celtic-Butterfly-Animal-Totem-SB Designs Creations


Celtic-Fire-Necklace-Elemental-SB Designs Creations


It was really fun to create those images. I had help from amazing people who helped me with finding the right spots, searching for decoration, etc. A really cool experiment that I would love to repeat someday.

© Susanne Bot-Boer, SB Designs Creations

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