Castlefest 2016


I wanted to write a blogpost about the fantasy event Castlefest, but I was to busy to make it happen. For several years me and my husband visit Castlefest. A fantasyevent with the slogan ‘where fantasy becomes your reality’.

Since SB Designs Creations is growing, my interest in handmade fantasy costumes has grown as well. I love to see other people’s costumes and all the work and hours they devoted to it. This year there was a lot to see as well. I saw amazing handmade horns and wings, but also dresses, skirts and even shoes. Lovely to see. Very inspirational.

Me and my husband choose a dragontheme for this year. I went as a Dragon Witch. I have more plans for this costume, so I am thinking to upgrade this costume outfit for next year.

Fantasy-Costume-Dragon-Theme-Castlefest Dragon-Witch-fantasy-costume-castlefest Dragon-Witch-fantasy-costume-castlefest castlefest-2016

The dragonscale handgloves I already posted a few weeks ago, but this is the close up picture showing them:


And this is a presentation picture of the necklaces I wore. One chain mail choker with a small silver-blue crackle cabochon. The second necklace is a blue-silver necklace made of dragon scales. The third necklace has large dragon wings and have cabochons with also a blue-silver crackle texture.


The large wooden dragon in the beginning of this post was a flammable object for the Wickerman ritual. Every year people make a wooden art object, this year it was a dragon. Everyone who wants it, can lay something in the dragon. It can be something very personal. For the first time I laid a personal letter inside the belly of the dragon. On the end of the day, all the letters and other personal belongings were set on fire. For me it meant closure for some things that are going on in my life. And a celebration for new beginnings. It was very impressive to witness this ritual.


For my dragon witch costume I had also made another necklace, but i was too much to wear that one as well. I decided to leave it at home, but I still like to show you this piece as well. I also made some matching earrings. Both are listed on Etsy!




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