Elfia 2016 – costume and jewelry

The Elf Fantasy Fair, also called Elfia is a fantasy event in Holland. This event takes place every year in April in the place Haarzuilen. It’s a world focused on fantasy. There are many stalls with all kinds of stuff like clothing, jewelry and other handmade fantasy products. It is a great source of inspiration.

Often there are also (fantasy) authors and illustrators present. I think it’s cool to see how they promote themselves and it’s always nice to meet people from the same workfield and with similar interests.

A small impression of the Elfia:


My costume have never been handmade completely, but I like to give my outfit some effort. This year I choose a ‘Raventheme’. I bought the clothes and made some feather stamps on the panty. The matching jewelry I made myself.


The necklace has 3 pendants with a blue-black marbletexture. The small pendants have a silhouet of a feather and the big one has a silhouet of a raven. The earrings have a feathercharm and on the end of each chain a small blue feather.


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