A market stall at AttitudeFest 2017

AttitudeFest 2017

This is an alternative event in the Netherlands organised by AttitudeHolland. It’s an event focusing on alternative fashion and music.

‘Wanted Stands’


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On the website of Attitude Holland an image with ‘Wanted Stands’ cached my eye. For the event they were organizing they searched for small businesses who wanted to hire a stand. At that time I was orientating what kind of markets/events I would like to attend to. So I took this opportunity and applied for a spot at this event.


When I got a e-mail back that I had a spot I was excited at first. How cool was this? But than I got a bit nervous cause Holy Pizza, I had a spot, but now what? I had never done this before, so I didn’t know were to start.

Determine the style for my stall

I know the appearance that I want with SB Designs Creations, but how do you translate it to a market stall? I did two things. I made a word web with all kind of words that suite the style and appearance of my company. Those words aren’t tangible, I have to make them tangible to be able to use them for my market stall. So I went from ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Myserious’ to ‘a forest walk by moonlight’ to ‘what can I find in a place like that?

Another thing I did was creating a Pinterest board for visual inspiration for displays, packaging, etc. I just love Pinterest! For me it really works to see visuals and build my own ideas on the things I have already seen. Pinterest is a good platform to create a visual moodboard.


I choose to work with ‘The Enchanted Forest’ theme. As basics I wanted to use my corporate identity colors blue and black, supplemented with green nature colors. I also wanted to use a lot of wood to emphasize the nature/fantasy theme. Another aspect I use a lot in my products are marbled textures. So I liked the idea to use that for my stand as well. I couldn’t realize all my ideas at once, but I made big steps!


For the displays I searched for black and wooden displays. I also made some of my own. We still had a pretty wooden crate. I turned it on it’s side and attached eye screws. Now I could hand my necklaces in this display. Due to lack of time I wasn’t able to make all the displays myself, but maybe I can make more myself next time :).


This time I didn’t use that much blue so I would love to use a little bit more blue next time. Maybe I can make some blue marbled decorations and displays, who knows. For now I think the stand looked just fine :).

When people came across this article because they are interested in a (jewelry)market stall there selves, here is a tip:

Test your setting at home. When you make your market stand setting at home, you already can test what works and what needs to change. When you are satisfied with your setup, you can make a photograph of the setting. When you are at the event you don’t have to think how to set it up, you can work with the photo and test set-up. It really saves time and stress!


Handmade packages

Most of my jewelry I could hang or show on displays. I also had a small wooden crate. I decided to make packages for my jewelry. I used my Photography style as starting point for the handmade packages. In my photo’s I use a white background and some inky/smoky blue and black details. I tried to translate that idea to the handmade packages.

A little while back I found this cute stamp [if I can find or make one with Made with love & magic, I will replace this one]:


And this is how the final packages look:



I gave the edges this inky look with blue and black ink. it’s funny because my mom learned me this technique a long time ago and I still like it. It’s very fast to do and it looks great! All you need is ink in the colors of your choice and a piece of shed punch. You put the ink on the shed punch and apply it on the edges. That’s all! This result is exactly the look that I want for my packages. I also added a sticker with my logo :).


I couldn’t take all my jewelry and products with me. So I made a lookbook with all the awesome collaboration/model pictures:


AttitudeFest 2017


After all the preperations it was finally time; we went to Enschede. It was warm that day, so I was very pleased there was air-co in the building. The event was awesome. My husband went with me and sometimes he stayed at the market stall so I could wander around a bit.

I have met so many nice people! And all the compliments I got about my work was so sweet! It truly was an inspiring and awesome day!

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