Fantasy Event Elfia Haarzuilen 2017


I completely forgot to write an article about Elfia Haarzuilen 2017. Elfia is a Dutch fantasy event where all fantasy styles come together. It is a yearly event with fantasy styles like Steampunk, Gothic, Cosplay and Manga.

And it was awesome! We wandered around with drunk Monks, the Mario-family and some werewolfs in human form. It’s so nice to sit in the grass and just watch all the people and beautiful costumes passing by.

I gained a lot of inspiration at all the market stands. With some own events coming up where I have a stand myself, I could use some ideas and inspiration. For now I know what style I want my own stand to be, the colors, the materials and the displays, so that’s cool :).

Besides all the market stands there were also band performances. One of those bands was a drum conveyor. That was quite impressive.


For my Dragon-Witch Costume I made some new jewelry and accessories.


I made a headpiece for the first time. It consist of different materials. Metal, handmade marbled glass-stones and metallic clay. I am very happy with how it turned out :).


I also made some Dragon wing earrings. Last year I used those wingcharms for a necklace, this year I use them for earrings. I fitted the earrings with glass-stones and clay. Those Dragonwing charms are still one of my favorite charms to work with.

dragon-witch-dragonwing-earringsI doubted about the necklaces I wanted to wear. After I designed some ideas I made a choice. I bought some mini glass bells and glass balls a long time ago and I really wanted to use them. I used a mini glass bell for a dragon egg nest and I designed a necklace around it. I also made a choker out of chain mail.  This time I used two colors; blue and silver. The effect really shows and I like the result :).


No outfit is complete without a ring, so I made a ring too. I used a Victorian setting and designed this ring:


I changed this pocket watch necklace so I could add it to my belt, but originally it is a necklace:


A witch without a wizard wand isn’t really a witch right? A witch needs to be able to cast spells. So I wanted to make a wizard wand. After designing some ideas:


I made a wizard wand for the first time.


I used colors that suited my costume. Besides the wand I also made a holster to attach it to a belt. This one is made of felt but I guess a holster made from artificial leather will look nice too. (Maybe for next time).

wizard-witch-wand-holster-handmade-sbdesignscreationsI also made dragon horns, but they didn’t turned out the way I wanted them to be. So that is a project for next year. Another costume project is this dragonegg:

dragon-egg-handmade-fantasy-products-sbdesignscreationsI made this dragonegg from clay and handmade marble glass-stones. I really like how it turned out, but I still need to find a way to ‘wear” it. So I need to make something to carry the egg or to attach the egg to something. I don’t know yet how I am going to do that, but that is also a project for next time.

My husband is very creative as well. He made those awesome shoulders from scale maille als chainmail. Doesn’t he look handsome <3.

elfia-2017-scalemail-costume-fantasyeventThis day was very nice. We had a lot of fun and I am so inspired after seeing and meeting all those awesome and creative people.



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