Fantasy jewelry; Lookbook with Joy Vegaart

The first collaboration with Joy Vegaart has come to an end. She made some awesome lookbook photo’s. I can’t say otherwise than that she is an talented artist. This article shows all the photo’s from last collaboration and a link to my shop to the specific jewelry products.

Winter Witch

The Winter Witch in all her glory.
Surrounded by white snow.
A true winter story.
For everyone to know.


With her Winter Witch character she models the ‘Witches Innocence’ jewelry set.


The ‘Witches Innocence’ necklace has a pentagram charm, feather charms and a small marbled pendant. This necklace can be made in a variety of colors -> To this necklace


The ‘Witches Innocence’ earrings have a pentagram charm and small marbled pendants. Those earrings can be made in a variety of colors -> To those earrings

Elfish Dragon Rider

Dragon breath to keep you warm
Elfish Riders and their dragons arm in arm
Fighting for what they think is right
Forever together dragon and knight.

Fantasy Jewelry Lookbook - SB Designs Creations-DreamCatcher-Jewelry-Dragon-Jewelry

With her Elfish Dragon Rider character she models the ‘Dreams of the Dragon’ jewelry set.


The ‘Dreams of the Dragon’ dreamcatcher necklace has a marbled pendant and is finished with dragon scales. The dragon will protect you when you sleep ^^. This necklace can be made in a variety of colors. This link is to the blue necklace.


Those ‘Dreams of the Dragon’ dreamcatcher earrings are also available in my Etsy shop -> to the earrings

Modern Witch

Not all witches live far away in a small cabin in a forest,
some are modernized and live with us in our society.


With her ‘Modern Witch’ character she models the ‘Arian’s Grace’ jewelry set. This set is not available in my Etsy shop yet, but you can always send me a message when you are interested.

The Arian’s Grace collection also has a horizontal triple moon design. She made two different photo’s with this necklace in two complete different styles. I really like it to see how many different styles suite my jewelry designs.



Even when the Moonwitch tries to live in our society, in our city, in our buildings… She can never break her connection to the nature, to the moon. She is always connected, unconditionally. Her reflections don’t lie where she truly belongs.

Shironuri make-up


She really surprised me with this picture and with this style. I had never heard of ‘Shironuri’ before, so I Googled it. This is a style I wouldn’t think of on my own, so I truly appreciate collaborations and the ideas of others. Together you can create amazing things!

The horizontal ‘Arian Grace’ necklace is available in my Etsy Shop.

Triple-Moon-Necklace-Witchy-Magical-SBDesignsCreations-JoyVegaart-> To the Arian’s Grace necklace

I really like how this Lookbook turned out :).

All credits for designing the characters, the make-up, the photography and editing belong to Joy Vegaart.

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