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No matter if you have a creative job or an office job, everyone needs time for themselves. Lots of creative people I know, are also nature lovers. The nature is a perfect place to find some piece and quite. Empty and order the thoughts in your head to make room for creative new ideas. I love finding my inner self in nature. And when I am walking through nature anyway, I can make some pics :D. Nature is a huge inspiration source for all my work, so enough inspiration to find.


Photographing in nature

After we walked through a beautiful field of heather, we entered a forest. When I found a beautiful place with moss and elves benches I couldn't resist using it as a background for a jewelry photo. I love photographing my jewelry in nature. It gives it a magical, mysterious and also calming fantasy touch. And that's exactly what I want for SB Designs Creations.


Triple moon necklace

The necklace in the photo is a triple moon necklace. It's made from silver-plated compartments, stainless steel (304), glass and gemstones. The glass-stone in the middle is made my myself with marble techniques. The beads are gemstone beads. For this design I worked with amethyst. Lately I love working with gemstones (besides working with handmade beads). I am very interested by all the different characteristics of  several gemstones.


Amethyst is a protective and calming stone. It helps for physical, emotional and spiritual purposes. This stone improves balance and piece and it helps when you are impatient very easy. It also promotes spirituality and it helps when you want to look honest to yourself. It's an stone that helps with personal loses and sadness.

Jewelry with amethyst

Besides this triple moon necklace, I made more designs with amethyst. It's a gemstone that I love to use.


Would you like to own a jewelry item with amethyst elements? Feel free to take a look in my Etsy shop, or just contact me with your wishes. I make everything myself and I also accept custom orders.

© Susanne Bot-Boer, 2018

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