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A while ago I met the amazing fashion Photographer Daniel Moncoeur. Sadly not in person, but luckily we live in a digital era. And I am very happy that we do! I met a lot of inspiring and creative people this way. And that is just awesome!

Daniel had seen my jewelry designs and thought they were great. It meant a lot to me that he liked my designs. He even wanted to use them in a photoshoot.

This is the first collaboration I have ever done with my jewelrydesigns, so I was a bit nervous. Luckily I wouldn’t let fear stand in the way of hunting my dreams. Making the deadline was a bit tricky, but I had more than enough motivation to make it!

The photography style of Daniel shall I describe as ‘classic’ and ‘stylish’. It’s is very different from the pictures I make myself, but of course everyone has their own style. Wen I got the first pictures I didn’t knew what I saw. So cool to see my jewelry in a professional photoshoot. I collected all the pictures and got them together in a ‘Jewelry Lookbook’. This lookbook gives a good impression of my jewelry designs and the style that I work with.

1.Fantasy-Jewelry-PastelBlue-Set-marble-handmmade-jewelryphotography-lookbook-danielmoncoeur-sbdesignscreations-2016 2. Fantasy-Celtic-Cresent-Moon-necklace-Jewelryphotography-danielmoncoeur-sbdesignscreations-2016 3. Pocketwatch-necklace-Victorian-necklace-jewelryphorography-lookbook-danielmoncoeur-sbdesignscreations-2016 4. marble-handchain-Jewelryphotography-lookbook-sbdesignscreations-susannebotboer-Danielmoncoeur-2016 5. Bark-of-the-Ent-Jewelry-Set-jewelry-photography-sbdesignscreations-2016 6.Dragon-scales-jewelry-jewelryphotography-sbdesignscreations-danielmoncoeur-2016 7. Marble-jewelrydesigns-inyourdreams-jewelryphotography-lookbook-sbdesignscreations-susannebotboer-danielmoncoeur 8. Marble-jewelrydesigns-inyourdreams-jewelryphotography-lookbook-sbdesignscreations-susannebotboer-danielmoncoeur 9. bark-of-the-ents-striped-duochroom-jewelryphotography-lookbook-sbdesignscreations-susannebotboer-danielmoncoeur-2016

All jewelry presented in this lookbook, is available. You can order them at my Etsy webshop, but also through a Facebook message. If you are looking for something specific, I also make custom orders. Then you get a jewelry design adjusted to your wishes. do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

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