Mystic Flowers jewelry set

An jewelry set idea I had in my mind for a while. Inspired by Spring I wanted to make something with flowers. I didn’t used the color purple for a while, so I tought it would be nice to use that color again. For this set I combined several materials I like working with. I searched for pretty silver plated leaf and flower charms and I started sketching ideas. I also wanted to use clay en handmade marble glass-stones.

After sketching and trying I finally made a jewelry set design I am very happy with:


besides ‘purple and flowers’ there is definitely a Fantasy theme in this design. Something I go for in every design that I make. I think it turned out pretty great :).

‘Mystic Flowers’ necklace


I searched for a pretty flower charm and I came across this beautiful filigree flower. It was love at first sight, so there was no doubt in using this charm for the necklace. I decorated it with a handmade marbled glass-stone and metallic polymer clay. The tiny leaf charm at the end of the necklace are the final touches :).

‘Mystic Flowers’ handchain:


Personally I am a big fan of handchain jewelry. Bracelets that you also wear around your finger/fingers. It’s not hard to make a handchain an elegant jewelry piece. Honestly, it aren’t the most handy jewelry. I wouldn’t wear them when you are doing daily work around the house etc. But they can be a great eye catcher at special events :).

‘Mystic Flowers’ hairclip:

Besides a necklace and a handchain I also wanted to make a hairclip. I have long hair myself and I like wearing hair decorations.


What I like about this design is the double layer effect. I attached a chain to both sides and I attached a filigree flower charm to the chain. This creates a double layer. To finish the design I also added a leaf charm, one on each side. I personally feel this really creates a ‘Fantasy look’.

When you are interested in those jewelry designs or jewelry designs like this, don’t hesitate to take a look in my Etsy shop. I also make personalized jewelry designs, feel free to contact me with any ideas that you have. I would love to see what I can do for you :).

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