A mermaid and her friend

Although I am far behind with my daily sketches, I still try to sketch when I have some time left. It’s good practice. Last Sunday I had a ‘lazy Sunday’ so I had a whole day for myself. For some time now I wanted to work out a mermaid sketch I did for one of my daily sketches. And because I had a lazy Sunday, I had the time to do so. This mermaid sketch is the one I wanted to color:


I made a scan of the sketch and I used my favorite Photoshop brushes to draw the lines. Since I trade my old drawing tablet for a new one, digital drawing has become way easier. My old drawing tablet didn’t had a monitor, this one has! It’s way more like drawing on paper, because you can draw directly on the screen.


After drawing the lines it was time to work with color. I love the coloring part. No matter if it is digital or analog, working with color is my favorite part. All the textures in the illustration, for example the watercolor background, are also made by me. The original texture was a purple ink/watercolor texture which I edited in Photoshop to blue. With the edit it’s usable for this illustration.


Society6, Redbubble & Etsy

I added this fantasy illustration to my Society6 shop. Soon I will also make it available on Redbubble. Those two sites are the biggest sites in the market for illustrative products. Of course I also have my own Etsy webshop, I will also add some illustrated products to that shop. Those illustrations and products will differ from my assortment of Society6 and Redbubble. It’s an advantage that I have more freedom when I make my own products, but it’s also a higher investment than Redbubble and Society6. The costs will also be higher (due to small orders and lower numbers), so the price of the products will also be higer.

Nevertheless I will add some illustrative products to my Etsy shop over time. If anyone wants to order something on Society6 or Reddbubble, be aware of possible additional costs. Society6 sends from America, when you live in Europe and the order amount is above € 22,-, there is a change you have to pay for additional custom fees. Be aware of this fact to prevent disappointments. This is also a reason why I also want illustrated products in my Etsy shop. People in Europe who order in my Etsy shop don’t need to worry about extra custom fees.

The products on Society6

I have added this mermaid fantasy illustration to my Society6 shop. This are all the products that are available with this illustration:

a-mermaid-and-her-friend-wall-clocksClock with illustration

Rectangular pillow with illustration

Throw pillow with illustration

Notebook with illustration

Stationary card with illustration

Mug with illustration

Travel mug with illustration

Laptopsleeve with illustration

Ipad and Laptop skin with illustration

Floor pillow with illustration

Carry-all pouches with illustration

Towel with illustration

Bathmat with illustration

Tote bag with illustration

There are some other sketches I want to work out to colorful illustrations. They will also be added to my Society6 shop. I have so many ideas for other sketches and illustrations. Now the only thing I need is more time, haha!

© Susanne Bot-Boer, 2017

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