A refection on Inktober 2017

This was for me the third year I participated the Inktober challenge. In this blog I look back on the month October and Inktober.

Inktober; 31 illustration with ink, every day one illustration. that's the idea. A huge chance to practice your drawing skills, that's for sure. it's also very heavy, it takes a lot of your time, but I decided to participate again anyway.

I wanted to do some thing different than the last two year. Last two years I just drew the things that came into my mind or things I had seen around me (digitally and in real life). This year I wanted a theme. The only requirement for me was that the theme would be fantasy related. I ended up with the theme 'The Enchanted Forest'. A magical an fairytale theme, perfectly fantasy related. I also wanted more unity in my drawings. I decided for every drawing I would use black ink and one color. I hoped this would learn me more about working with other ink colors. 

The beginning of Inktober
With a theme that I absolutely love, I started Inktober.  I knew this year would be tricky. Halfway October I had a mini vacation planned (to Ireland <3), so that would be tricky. Until the trip I was able to hold up. It was difficult, but  managed to do my drawings every day. When I went on vacation I couldn't take my ink with me. I fell a week behind. Back in Holland I couldn't find the time to catch up. The combination of making ink illustrations, working on all the Etsy orders and my part time marketing job was just to much. And costumers are more important than an ink illustration, so the choice was easy. At the end of October I had 23 ink illustrations.

Here are some results of Inktober 2017:


Although I didn't make it to the finish, I am still proud. I am proud at the results that I got. There still is so much that I want to learn, but I can see that my art is improving and that makes me smile. I find it easier to work with ink, to manipulate it in ways that I couldn't before. Also the digitization part becomes better and better. This year I learned a lot about working with different ink colors and that feels so good. 

It absolutely feels way better to be proud at the results I got than to feel sorry for the fact that I didn't finish this year.

And now?
Well I love drawing with ink and I love this theme, so I think I will work out some more ideas. Maybe completely analog, maybe a mix with digital. I made some new texture papers that I would love to use, so we will see :).

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