Analog versus digital

When I started drawing as a child, I always used pencils and markers. After a while I also started experimenting with watercolor pencils. Quickly after that I bought Derwent pencils, Faber Castel pencils and Copic Markers. I love bright colors and color contrasts and those tree materials are perfect for that. 

After I bought a tablet I started to draw more and more digital. I started testing and experimenting and I love it. Although I miss the analog techniques a little bit. What I love about analog materials is that it is unpredictable. Especially for background I love analog effects. So I decided to go on a journey to find a balance between digital and analog materials. I think it’s possible and I found some techniques I like to try first. My idea is to use the analog techniques for textures that I can use for my illustrations.

The techniques I found:

Photo manipulation


I love the textures of Sacha Duensing (Sirius-sdz on Deviantart). A while ago she posted a tutorial to do it yourself. In de basics it are pictures from all kind of things, as long as it has a texture. She places layer upon layer and finally you get a nice texture.

Paper Marbling


A technique that I know in theory, but never tried; marbling paper. Textures created with marble techniques are often used for covers or endpapers of a book. I thinks this can work for textures in illustrations.

Alcohol Ink


Alcohol ink is an alcohol based colored ink. There is a wide range of colors and there are many different techniques. I really like to try this techniques.

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