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At the moment the weather in the Netherlands is more Summer than Autumn, but  it's officially Autumn. That means warm cups of tea, blankets and good books, falling leaves in wonderful colors and Halloween. I thought it was a good idea to buy some Autumn home decor for our house. 



We didn't go anywhere on our summer vacation due to we recently bought an other house and moved. Instead I just had some time off and could take thing slow. I used some of the time to make my studio more personal with decoration and adding more of my own things. It really became my own personal and awesome studio <3.


For my studio I chose white as a basic color. personally I prefer darker colors, but for a studio white is better. I still want to create a magical fantasy atmosphere in my studio and I am on my way to create that. I work a lot of hours in this studio, it's important that the studio feels comfortable and inspirational.


It's nice to be able to find all my stuff and materials again. To say bye bye to all the moving boxes and to be organised again. My shop didn't really close during the movement. That was quite a challenge. It also meant that I had to be able to keep processing orders. It was hard, but nog impossible. Due to a good planning and being not to picky about work environments I was able to keep my shop open. 

If you have a studio, no matter what kind of a studio, if you ever have to move, make Priority boxes. The equipment and materials I needed asap went in separate boxes from my other stuff. I wrote in big letters 'priority' on those boxes and that worked very well. That way I always knew the boxes with the most important materials.


This years Halloween assortment won't be very big. I will add some new Halloween themed jewelry, but not very much. There are several designs available from last years as well, you can find all in my Etsy shop. 



I am in doubt if I will participate with inktober this year. I don't know if I can make the time to post an ink illustration every single day of October. Maybe I will participate, but not daily. I still sketch whenever I can manage to find some spare time. It's relaxing and every time I hold a pencil and start sketching, I am learning.


Some of the sketches I digitized and  I gave it color and texture. I recently finished this moon phases illustration.



With the moon theme in mind I made a wall decoration piece inspired by the moon. This is only an experiment, but I like the general idea.


I made this piece with clay, paint, a handmade marble stone, chain and a clear quartz point. I've done many  experiments that make me very enthusiastic. This experiment is no exception. One of my pitfalls is having to many interests and liking to many materials. I find it hard to decide which experiment are cool to develop further and which experiment I have to let go. Anyway, everytime I do a (little) experiment I learn a lot. i think experimenting is always good for my personal progress.

Since Autumn has arrived I really like to use it as an inspiration source. I have many ideas for projects. Meanwhile I have to meet several deadlines and I also have to make & pack orders. I don't have to be afraid I get bored any time soon. 


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