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Not long before I went on vacation I made my first vlog. I never made a vlog before, so I was a bit nervous. Different people suggested me to show more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. Other people told me they would love to see more of my work process. Anyway I decided to give it a try. The quality of my camera for video’s is not the best, but it can do. I already published this video on YouTube, but I hadn’t mentioned it in my blog yet. Here is the first vlog that I made:

This work is the nicest job there is in my opinion. Designing fantasy jewelry and products in combination with making illustrations is just awesome. I am a dreamer and I wonder off with my thought to fantasy places a lot. You can find so much inspiration in your own imagination, in your own fantasy world. Not that you always have to go to there for inspiration. The real world has also lots of magical and fairytale places. I got so inspired by the beautiful nature of Croatia. We went there on vacation, what a beautiful country it is.

Some of my products and jewelry has traveled with me on vacation. I wanted to photograph them in nature. At first we went to the Sziget festival in Hungary. It was awesome to have some free time and do nothing else than partying. But, it wasn’t the right surrounding for the pictures that I got in mind. After Sziget we traveled to Croatia for some culture and nature experiences. And we found it. I feel so calm and happy when I get the chance to make a hike in nature. I was able to photograph some of my products and jewelry.


If you ever get the chance to go to Croatia, I can truhly reccomend to visit the Plitvice lakes. It is crowded, that I must admit, but it is so so beautiful. Other places you should definetly see are Rovinj, Pula and Kotli.

Of course I also stared a search for a nice souvenir. As always I tried to find a nice book with an awesome illustration style. I collect books from country’s I’ve visited. It gives me a good excuse to visit all the bookshops I find along the way. Eventually I bought this book:


The illustration style is quite interesting. I really like how they work with textures, it fascinates me. This book will be a nice asset in my bookcase.

De vakantie zit er voor mij weer op en eigenlijk vind ik dat wel prima. Ik heb veel inspiratie opgedaan en heb veel nieuwe ideeën in mijn hoofd. Ik heb er echt zin in om weer aan de slag te gaan.

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