Clay experiments

A few days ago I wrote on Instagram that I like clay. And that is true. I love clay as a material. When you want to make something with clay, you are completely free in what you want to make. It is different than drawing, but it has similarities to. Wherever you have a piece of paper or a piece of clay, you are free to make whatever you like :).

I must say, it takes a lot of practice to master the arts of clay. I find it really difficult to make 3d projects. But it is a challenge, that’s for sure. So I just keep practicing! Last few weeks I finished some new clayprojects.

Dragon Eggs are so awesome. I made them of other materials a few months ago. So I thought I give it a try with clay. Both eggs are made from clay and painted with acrylics.



Then I examined my project list and searched for the most ‘scary’ project. There are projects that I like to make, but that are difficult. I knew very quick what project it should be: A dragon made from clay. I’ve never done anything like this, so where do you start? I am a person who wants the perfect end result immediately, but that’s not realistic. Many things take practice and you become better over time. That’s why I took a piece of clay and just gave it a try.

The result is far from perfect, but perfection isn’t always the most important. Many creative ideas never come further than the mind of the creator. It could be fear like ‘I am not good enough to do that’. it could also be inexperience like ‘where the hell do I start?’. The only way to achieve results is to break through that thoughts and just give it a try. A nice quote I like is a good example: ‘great things are never accomplished in comfort zones’. And that is true. You must look further than your comfort zones. So you give yourself more space that allows you to grow as an artist.

My very first imperfect dragon of clay:


For Halloween I made an small pumpkin from clay. This project was easier than a dragon and I really enjoyed making it :).


For now I have some other projects that needs attention. But I will definitely practice with clay again when I have the time :).


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