Colorpallets and colorcombinations

In my work I work a lot with colors.It doesn’t matter if I’m working on an illustration or a new pendant, colors and color combinations are very important.

As a person I prefer the color blue. It is my favourite color and  especially in my own work I work a lot with blues. Also red is a color I prefer, especially for jewelery. But there are so much more colors and beautiful color combination.
Sometimes it’d a challenge to decide which colors I can use best. A useful tool is to make (or use an existing) color pallet. You can find a lot of color combinations on, for example, Designseeds. But in stead of using existing colorpallets, I like to make them myself.
I use Google to find pictures with colors that I like. I copy this pictures to Photoshop and use my pipet to select some of the colors. And the result is a new color pallet. It is a nice way to find color combinations that I normally wouldn’t use.
This are my latest color pallets:
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