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Last few months I followed the course ‘Analog and digital illustration’ at the Utrecht Centre for the Arts. Last year I followed a course to master the Adobe Programs Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, but uptil now I never had lesson in illustration.

It was nice to notice that a lot of things I learned myself, I learned myself the right way. During my education Communication I learned a lot about the meaning of texts. ‘What is the message’, ‘What do you want to communicate’. Illustration is the same, the only difference is that you communicate with an image.

The course was instructive and I have been challenged to use new techniques. I also learned some new Photoshop trics. What I really like about following a course is that you can see the work of others. The drawing styles of the students vary a lot. Because of that I also got better insights in what elements make my style mine. And that is very handy to know.

The assignments were all different and I will show them all. Totally we made 4 assignments. For the first assignments the theme was Dinky Toys. We learned to make a pattern. I really enjoyed that process and I will definitely make some more patterns. This is how my pattern came out:

For the second assignment we worked with textures. I use textures all the time, so that was nothing new. I still like it to use textures. They are some of my favorite elements in an illustration.  The theme was plants and flowers and we had to make a get-well card.

The third assignment was tricky. We had to make a map, the kind of map was completely free. We weren’t aloud to use more than three colors and everything had to be cut out of paper. It was a completely new technique for me. I don’t think it is really my style to make a hole illustration out of cut paper.  But a part of the illustration cut, a part drawn, I do like that. This was my map:

The fourth and last assignment was to make an illustration for a text. You could choose the materials you wanted to use freely so I decided to combine the thing that I had learned in the last months. Some of the elements are drawn, some are drawn. And of course I used some of  my textures. The text was about social media and that you need to find balance to the online and offline world.


Unfortunately the course is ended, but I am happy that I followed it!





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