Dragon Scales jewelry and accessoires

Since the official start of SB Designs Creations I stared a search for new jewelry techniques that fit within the style ‘Fantasy Jewelry’. 

During that search I found a material that is completely new to me; Dragon Scales. After some research I found out that you can create a lot of different jewelry-pieces and accessories. You can even make a full armor, what takes a lot time to make.

I grabbed my sketchbook and started sketching some designs. With a combination of dragon scales in different sizes and colors I designs these necklaces:








Queen Dragon



Because the dragon scales are made from aluminum, there weight isn’t so heavy. What improves the comfort when wearing it.

I also designed some earrings, combined with the marble technique I use so often.



Me and my husband also worked on a bigger dragon scale project togheter. For a upcoming fantasy event we decided to make a ‘dragon themed’ costume. So we designed some scale maile gloves. it takes a lot of time to make them, but when they are finished you have very unique fantasy dragon accessorizes.



The jewelry will be available soon. The dragon scale gloves are custom. Send me a message for more information about custom jewelry and accessorizes.

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