New product developments

I have some new stuff to show you guys. At the moment I am working on some new fantasy products and I thought I give you guys a little sneakpeak 

Let It Burn

At the fantasy market in Coevorden our neighbors were busy with a small blowtorch. They were engraving wood, making drawings in it. It immediately got my attention and I went over there to ask information. The result of the burning wood was very pretty. You can draw lines and the lines become very dark, the other parts of the wood stay the same.

I am always searching for new ways to use 'illustration' into my products. I started looking for the right equipment and my dad had some. Unfortunately his tools weren't working the way I wanted to. After some thinking I bought myself a new toy so I could engrave wood. I tested it on wooden stems and I absolutely love it. It is fun to do and I like this effect:


Sieraden kistjes

A product that fits perfectly in my product assortment: jewelry boxes. I have searched myself for fantasy jewelry boxes a long time ago and it can be pretty hard to find (especially when you search for something specific).

On insta in the storyline I posted a story where I was painting wood black. That was for this project. I made my first handpainted jewelry box with a triple moon illustration/painting:


It's fun to make these boxes, so there will be more!


The triple moon jewelry box is only handpainted, not engraved. I think it would be awesome to find ways to combine paint with woodburning. At the moment I am also testing if it is possible to combine woodburning with marbled wood. Would be fun if I could combine those two.


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