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Finally! Last sunday I showed the first sneakpeek (on my Social Media) of a new product. Now it can finally be released. After lots of tests, (desk)research and design hours I have decided to design my own shirts. Here is the first design! I worked really hard on this project and for a long time, but the first design is finally here :D.

"The realm of fairies, the world of fae
Their sparkling magick, can brighten your day.
Alive in a hidden world, but they're not far away.
Just look closely, you can always visit but may not stay."

Own design shirts

SB Designs Creations has it's own line of fantasy/witchy shirt designs. The shirts are black and women fitted. The shirts are 100% ecologic cotton (animal, people & environment friendly). I also choose the best print techniques and quality. My illustrations are directly printed on the cotton. This means the ink is absorbed deep into the cotton. No thin color image, no ugly edges from transfers, but a very pretty, sharp & durable illustration. I really love the quality of the print (and I am a perfectionist about these things xD).


'Fairy Magick'

And here it is, the first shirt design from SB Designs Creations. 'Fairy Magick'. The shirt represents the world of fairies. The dream catcher has a seven-pointed star in the middle, also known as Faery Star of Elven Star. This symbol is often used to represent the world(s) of Fairy. It can be displayed as a protective shield, a focal point for meditation, or a symbol of the Shining Realms. I also included hag stones in the illustration. Hag stones are stones with a natural hole in them. They say when you find one and look through the hole, you can peak into other worlds, including the world of the fairies.'

The colors for this design are deep purple tones. I always use textures in my mixed-media illustrations. You can see different textures in this illustration, mostly marble paper textures. 

Fairy Magick - Witch Shirt- Witch clothes- I am a Witch - Dream Catcher
SB Designs Creations - Heks kleding - Heks Shirt

This last picture is made in Japan. I had the idea to introduce this new product while we were in Japan. I just didn't think it through. We were very busy on our holiday (we wanted to do and see so much). And I didn't had access to the internet all the time. Well, at least I took this last picture in Japan :P.


You can buy this shirt in my webshop for € 25,-. The available sizes are XS to XL. When you push the 'Shopping' button it takes you directly to this product. You find all further specifications on that page.

More designs will follow, but for now I am happy I was able to finish this design :).

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