Handmade jewelry for Kingsday

Tonight it’s Kingsnight in the Netherlands and tomorrow Kingday. That means ‘orange everywhere’. Every store sells orange goodies and accessories like garlands, hats, flags and other orange decoration. Time for some orange handmade jewelry!

Especially for Kingsday I went to work with the color orange. Since I am a huge fan of the marble technique I have used this technique for a pendant and a bracelet. I think they are quite successful.


Koningsdag-armband-Kingsday-Bracelet-Oranje-Zwart-Orange-Black-Marmertextuur-Marbletexture-Susanne-Bot-Boer-SBDesigns-2016 (1)

Also, I made earrings with a feathercharm and three chains. On the end of every chain I attached a small orange feather. This is the same design as the blue earrings I made for my last raven themed costume for the Elfia (a fantasy event in the Netherlands).


I’m thinking to make the earrings in a number of different colors and to add them to my Etsy shop. I like feather earrings a lot, but in the stores it’s often difficulty to find them. And if I can find it, they mostly have a lot of glitter and bling. Not really my taste. Online ordering, I often do not dare, because I often received broken and damaged feathers. My goal is to make nice feather earrings, only with undamaged and good quality feathers. Quality I find very important!

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