2019 Inktober Spirits

Inktober 2019, It has been a very busy month. Sadly I was only able to make 3 illustrations for Inktober in the month October. I had to many other obligations and in the evenings I was to tired to draw for my own project. Anyway, I absolutely love my Inktober 2019 theme, so I will continue with this project. In the end I will have 31 illustrations within my chosen theme :).


My theme for this Inktober is 'Spirits'. From Spirit Animals to creatures, ghosts, deities, gods & goddesses from different spiritual beliefs. It's a theme with many possibilities. 

1. Snake

The snake belongs to those who stay grounded. The snake spirit is a symbol of transformation. Snake spirits can help you when you need to focus on achieving your goals.


2. Kitsune

Kitsunes are spirits in Japanese mythology and they are found all across Japan. They look like normal foxes, besides their tail. They can have up to 9 tails & they have magical powers. Kitsunes are also shapshifters and are known for being very attractive in their human form.


3. Libelle

A dragonfly. The dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

Libelle-Krachtdier-Dragonfly-Animal Spirit-SBDesignsCreations-Inktober


For now I made 3 illustrations with my theme 'Spirits'. I will continue with this theme until I have 31 illustrations. Of course I could have made the choice to make quick illustrations for Inktober. But I like to use inktober to really improve my skills. To really give it all I have and to finish with 31 illustrations that I am proud of :).



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