7 Days of flower sketches – Mini challenge


I draw a lot and it'a nice to make sketches just for fun. Just picking a theme and finding out along the way what kind of ideas pop up in my head. Inktober 2019 wasn't a huge succes. 31 illustration within one month is a huge project. I think it is too big for me. That's whyI came up with another idea. A mini challenge of 7 days. 7 sketches within a specific theme. No restrictions or rules, just for practice and fun.

The only way to develop myself as an illustrator is by drawing and practice. There are definitely some subject that need some practice and attention. This is a nice way to keep practicing. 

'7 Days of Flowers'

I start within my comfort zone. Lately I draw plants and flowers all the time. But to start easy I chose my first theme to be Flowers. Here are the results of this mini challenge. Our hydrangea is blossoming very beautiful in our garden, so I use it as a background for the photo's.










beauty lies in the eye of the beholder-Art


Make a Wish Dandelion Tattoo Design Sb Designs Creations

Water lily

Water Element Lily Magick Elements Sketch Tattoo SB Designs


A mini challenge with 7 sketches turned out to be perfect! It's small enough to keep up and it's a great way to practice my skills. I like it :).

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