7 days of glass bottle sketches – Mini Drawing Challenge

A new theme for the challenge '7 days of sketches'. For this theme I choose a witchy theme: 7 days of glass bottle sketches. Here are the results. Those mini challenges are for myself to practice and develop myself as an illustrator.

Moonwater during a full moon

Maanwater-Moon water- Witchy Potion- Witchcraft- Sketchbook

Fancy glass bottle with rosemary

Decorative Glass Bottle Sketch SB Designs Creations Artist Practice Sketch

Glass bottle with gemstones

Crystals in a Bottle SB Designs Creations

Plants in a glass bottle


Butterfly spirit animal

Butterfly Spirit Animal Glass Bottle Witchy Things

An eel

Eel in a Glass Bottle illustration sketch SB Designs

Ghosts cached in a glass bottle

Little Ghosts in a Bottle Witchy Vibes Spiritual Art SB Designs Creations

I really like the background I chose for this theme with the glass herb bottles.


© Susanne Bot-Boer | SB Designs | SB Designs Creations

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