‘7 days of goddessess’ mini drawing challenge

I choose another theme for a new 7 days mini drawing challenge. The theme of this new challenge is; goddesses. It was fun!

Moon Goddess

Crescent Moon Goddess Spirit Pencilsketch Dutch Artist

Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess Sketch Spiritual Art SB Designs Creations

Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess Spirit Witch Artist Heksendingen SB Designs

Air Goddess

Air Goddess Spirit Lucht Element Hekserij Heks Artist

Dragon Goddess

Dragon Woman Spirit Goddess SB Designs Sketch

Flower Goddess

Flower Goddess Spirit Sketchbook Fantasy Spiritual Artist

Fire Goddess

Fire Spirit Goddess SB Designs Susanne Bot Boer

I really love those mini challenges and I believe it's a great way to practice my illustration skills. For now I have no idea what theme will be next, but I am sure I can think of a fun new theme.

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