Natural textures with leaves

I use a lot of different textures in my illustrations. My favorite textures are my own handmade marble textures. They are very pretty to use in backgrounds and other ellements of illustrations.

For a while now I wanted to experiment with new textures. I like to make more nature inspired textures, so I thought I could do something with leaves. There are a lot of texture techniques you can make with leaves and I have some texture techniques on my to do list. For now I wanted a texhnique that wasn't very time consuming and was easy to do.

Pachira Aquatica (Money tree)

In our home we have a Pachira Aquatica plant, also nicknamed the Money tree. It's a beautiful plant with dark green leaves and you find this plant in a lot of homes. It's a very easy plant to take care of, which makes it  suitable for people (like me) who are masters in killing plants. The spiritual meaning and properties for this plant are good luck, great fortune & prosperity. Although this plant is not toxic for pets, we decided to remove the plant to a cat-free room. One of our cats really liked chewing on the leaves and I found that a bit sad for the plant :(. 


Leaf textures

I collected some leaves from our money tree, paper and ink & paints. That's really all you need. I used the leaves as stamps and I experimented with different kind of inks and paints to see what works best. This time I only used the leaves of our money tree, but I can think of lots of leaf shapes that would be perfect for this texture  technique.

I scanned all the results so I can use them for my digital mixed media art. When you don't want to use them digital, you can use the results for labels, cards and other stationery items. I didn''t really focussed on the colors, because I can edit those digitally, but when you use te direct results, you can also experiment with different colors and color gradients. It's really fun! I really like how easy this technique is and how little you need (time and materials) to create those textures. 


Although this technique is very easy, keep in mind it can get a little messy. I used the same leaves more than once. At the end of this experiment there was almost the same amount of paint on my hands, then there was on my paper.

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