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To push myself into making more designs I wanted to set a date for an Etsy shop update. I wanted to upload 10 new items at once. It pushed me to create more items, which felt very good. The more I make, the better I become. And the more I make, the more there is to choose from. It was fun to set a date and to work towards that date to lance a new collection of unique items. Maybe I will redo this concept in the future to make sure I make new designs for sale :).

The following one of a kind designs are added to my Etsy shop.

Triple Moon necklace with a blue marble stone and a clear quartz bead:

triple moon necklace water element blue witchy vibes triple moon necklace water element blue witchy vibes 2

Triple moon necklace with a purple-black marble stone and amethyst beads:

triple moon fantasy necklace Amethyst moon necklace handmade witchy

Triple moon necklace with a green-black marble stone and a moss agate bead and dragon scale:

Moon jewelry pagan Green necklace moon child forest

A branches necklace with leaf charms and a larimar pendant:

larimar forest necklace unique jewelry larimar necklace leaves and forest crystal witch

A lace choker necklace with green details and leaf charms:

forest lace choker with leaves handmade green gothic lace necklace green

A lace choker with wing charms, red details and dragon veins agate beads:

lace choker necklace bordeaux red red lace choker wings

Fairy necklace with purple-black marble stones and amethyst beads:

butterfly fairy necklace purple spiritual fairy necklace purple

Big forest dream catcher necklace with lots of handmade details:

Dream catcher necklace - Fantasy Costume Forest Forest Jewelry- Dream catcher necklace- Etsy jewelry

Big dream catcher necklace with lots of blue details:

dream catcher jewelry design blue fantasy necklace dream catcher necklace handmade unique etsy

Witchy necklace with leaf details, a pentagram charm and green-black marble stones:

Witch outfit - Nature witch - Pentagram necklace

Forest witch - Green witch - Nature witch

© Susanne Bot-Boer, SB Designs Creations

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