New marble technique with Spray Paint

I think marble techniques are one of the most interesting techniques to create textures. The first time I saw this technique I was at a children’s books market in The Hague. There was someone there with a stall who demonstrated this technique. That was where my Love for marbling started.

I use marble textures in my illustrations and other projects. The marble textures are amazing, but it’s really sticky to make them. With the marble technique I use mostly, you also need wallpaper paste. A little while ago I saw another marbling technique without wallpaper paste. I was immediately determined to try it.

The only things you need are a container with water and Spray Paint (i used acrylic). It’s a quick way to create some pretty textures. My experience is that the results are less detailed than the technique with wallpaper paste, but the textures are really beautiful. the picture shows some results of the first batch that I made.



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