A new patterndesign

Since I followed the course ‘illustration, digital and analog’ I know how I can make patterns. I find it a lot of fun to make them :). Sadly I didn’t had the time to make new ones lately. A few weeks ago I was just sketching some leaves and it occurred to me the elements would be perfect for a pattern. So I took my sketches and made them into line-art. After that I choose a color pallet I gave it color.

In the patterns I make I use analog materials like paint and textures, but also digital techniques in Photoshop. I like to work with this combination and it feels nice to work in a familiar style. This is how the pattern turned out:


What I love about designing patterns is that you can use them for so many things. Since a long time I have a society6 account. I don’t really use it a lot, but I have some artwork available in that shop. it’s nice to see how patterns (or illustrations) looks on different products. I added this leave pattern to that shop and I can show you some pictures of different products:


I already have some new ideas. Although I have some other projects that need my time and attention. But as soon as I have some time, there will be more…

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