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In my last blog I wrote there are ‘things’ in progress. But I never told you what those ‘things’ are. 2017 will be the year where I combine the materials I like into designs that fit my style.

A technique/material that I love is marble. I use marbled textures in many designs. Mostly I place them in jewelry settings. Something that I like to do, because I think the results are pretty. But I also would love to make designs that are not bound by the limits of a jewelry setting. One option is to start a course to become a silversmith, but that is not the direction I got in mind.

To be able to make some designs without limits I will use clay. The first experiments I already posted on Instagram and Facebook.


You can sculp clay in any shape you want, that’s what I like about it. For example the moon pendants, because the moon is made from clay I can precisely decide the shape of it. The possibilities are endless; leaves, feathers, wings, maybe even a raven or a pumpkin for Halloween.

I sketched lots of ideas that I would love to try. I won’t show you all of them, but with those sketches you get an idea:


Practice will show if those designs are just as nice in real as if they are on paper. We will see…

The sketches on the bottom on the right are sketches for wire designs. I haven’t shown you a lot of that material, only work with it behind the scenes. I have shown you this dragon nest pendant design:


This one is made with the help of an awesome tutorial. I am making more dragon nest pendants, but I want to give them a uniquer look. So I change the beads for handmade marbled clay dragoneggs. At some point this upcoming moths you will see the result :).

I still like to use more standard jewelry compartments. I combine them with marbled pendants into own designs. For example this jewelry set with connectors, leaves and marbled pendants. This year more designs will follow :).


2017 will also be the year where I will start selling some fantasy products. I will add them in my Etsy store. Last year I made different kind of products, this year I will add some of those products to my store (hurray).

I am working on some new products as well. For example some coasters. In this case the result isn’t good yet, coasters should be round and flat. But I will make new ones and give them cool textures :).


I have enough ideas and plans for this year :).

SB Designs
This year I challenged myself with a daily drawing challenge. Every day I draw/sketch something and post it on Instagram. SB Designs Creations takes a lot of time and with this challenge I force myself to at least draw something everyday. I don’t know if I will be able to finish this challenge, we will see :).

170103-quick-witch-sketch 170104-the-islands 170106-little-fish 170108-i-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back

That was it for now. Hope you liked reading some ‘behind the scenes’ news :).




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