‘Pumpkin Land’ pattern design

A personal interest of mine is designing patterns. It’s a nice way of expressing creativity and I find it important to extend my portfolio with some pattern designs. When I create patterns just for my portfolio, I can chose the subjects myself. I love Halloween, so I decided to design a pattern with a Halloween/Autumn genre.


Although I have an awesome drawing tablet I use a pencil and paper for the sketchingphase. It just feels better and I think it is a good thing to alternate working on a tablet with working on paper.


Endresult pattern

I wanted to work again with watercolors, so I made pumpkins with watercolor. The end result is a combination of mixed media, analog and digital.

This is the outcome of the pattern:


Pattern used for products

A pattern can be used for all kind of products, for example a bag:


It was very nice to design those pumpkins. Hopefully I can extend my portfolio this year with more illustrations/patterns :).

© Susanne Bot-Boer, SB Designs

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