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New jewelry designs
I love it to work with my hands and to make new designs. With the start of a new year there are lots of developments. With jewelry components I made some more designs. For example this Triple Moon necklace and this Morigan’s Claws necklace. (The triple moon necklace is a necklace I designed last year, but I decided to release it now.)

Triple Moon Necklace - Fantasy Jewelry - Moonjewelry - Witch & Magical - SBDesignsCreationsClaw Necklace Morigan - Fantasy Raven Jewelry - Gothic Necklace - SBDesignsCreations

I love it to play with different jewelry components and to combine them to a jewelry design. It’s like a puzzle and along the way you can see a creations that leads to the final design. It’s fun!

New collaborations
Like said before I focus on good (product) pictures. To achieve that I love to collaborate with models and photographers. Some shoots are happening right now and some shoots are planned.

Celtic Pendant - Jewelry Photoshoot - Revena - SBDesignsCreationsGuardian Angel Wing Jewelry - Fantasy and Gothic - SBDesignsCreations

The Enchanted Forest
I started to experiment more with clay as a material. Within ‘Clay-jewelry’ I started the search for a style. A style that suits the Style I work in. It must be related to style elements I already use. For now I started with a theme ‘The Enchanted Forest’. Those designs are playful, detailed and related to the style ‘fantasy’. I like it to use metallic colors, that gives a magical look.Enchanted Forest Jewelry - Polymer Clay - Fantasy Jewelry Magical - SBDesignsCreationsEnchanted Forest Jewelry - Polymer Clay - Fantasy Jewelry Magical - SBDesignsCreations Enchanted-Forest-Bottle-Necklace-Fantasy-Fairy-Magic-SBDesignsCreationsEnchanted-Forest-Bottle-Necklace-Fantasy-Fairy-Magic-SBDesignsCreationsEnchanted-Forest-Moon-Necklace-Crescent Moon-SBDesignsCreations

For those pictures I used another photography style. I decided to add some attributes to it. For the Enchanted Forest I choose nature style attributes. Tree trunks are very handy to display the jewelry and I really like this style. I am working on more jewelry in this style. I will list them on Etsy as soon as they are ready.

There will be a difference between those jewelry designs and the other designs. Those designs will be listed as *One of a Kind*. The products on the pictures are exactly the products that you get. It will be a new category in my Etsy shop.

Also the marbled feathers will be listed as *One of a Kind*. The marbled pattern on a feather is completely different every time. And it feels better to sell them as one of a kind, so people know what they will receive. The first pair of marbled feather earrings are available in my Etsy shop.Feather-Earrings-Blue-Marble-Marbling-Fantasy-SBDesignsCreations

Notebook cover/Journal Cover/Books of Shadows Cover


I wanted to make this for so long now! And I finally did it! I made a journal cover with clay and ribbon. For the theme I choose to go with the Enchanted Forest. I also used marbled glass stones. I thought it was fun to make the moon glow in the dark. A long time ago I saw somthing like a corset detail on a book. I used that as an inspiration to try it myself. I think I can make it even better with some adjustments, but that is something for later. For now I made something that can be a starting point for other designs.




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