The marble technique and feathers

A little while ago I did some research for new materials and techniques. I made a list with all kind of things that I personally like and I made a combincation with it; marble feathers.

It was a challenge to marble feathers. Paper marbling with tick paper is quite easy, but feathers move constantly in all directions. So, after some failures I made my first set that I liked. It is not a perfect and the pattern is quite messy, but it was the first result that matched the ideas in my head. So it is a start :).



The colors I used for this feathers are light blue, white and black. I finished the earring designs with small dragonscales.

The next tries went much better. I really like the pattern of this metallic blue-darkblue-black marbled feathers. This swirly pattern is the pattern I am looking for :). Of course marbling is a technique with results that differ each time. But I love the swirly parts in this pattern.


The last combination that I tried was red-black. I really like the dark black contrasting the bright red.


Besides jewelry I can use this marbled feathers in a lot of other products. I think they will look amazing in a dreamcatcher. On my ‘to do’ projectlist was an other product I wanted to make for a while. I did my first attempt in making a Quill. For our wedding I bought one because I like those pens, but it is awesome to make them myself. It was a challenge to find the right techniques and materials, but this is the result:


I used three feathers for this quill that differ in size. The feathers are marbled and handpainted with swirls. I finished the design wit a small pastelblue-black marbled pendant and two feather charms. This feather I gave a ballpoint pen, but I can also make them with a dip pen end.

I am proud of how those experiments turned out. I love it when I can find new ideas, but still can use the techniques I always use. I will practice these technique combinations a bit more, but they will be available soon :).


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