Upgraded my drawing tablet

For some years now me and the wacom intuos are friends. Not always the best friends (he often did someting else than I wanted), but over the years we became friends. I still like to work with this tablet and I won’t throw it away, but my tablet got an upgrade.

I doubted it a lot, but I am so glad that I did it. I already love the new features. I can draw more precise and I have a lot more touch buttons.

This is the first drawing I made with it. It’s a little vampire girl.

And this is the second try. I gave myself 30 minutes to sketch a witchy character in fullcolor:
160805 Witch Sketch-character-design-sbdesigns-witchy New Tablet-fbI still don’t have all the settings of the tablet right, but I am working on that. If you follow my illustration account on Facebook or Instagram, you will see a lot more digital sketches and drawings soon ^^.
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