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I am always looking for inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere to be found; if you know where to look. You can find it in song lyrics, when you take a walk outside or in a recent happening in your own live. Inspiration is everywhere. Other illustrators can be a source of inspiration too. When you search on the Internet you can find talented artist in no time. This blog post will become to long when I write about every illustrator who’s work I like. But I would love to share some amazing illustrators with you.

Amélié Fléchais

A French illustrator, she illustrates comic books and picture books. She also works as a Visual Developer in the animation branch. She has made some awesome concept art for the animation movie Song of the Sea. I finally got the artbook of that movie. It is so cool. In their style they work with textures and ‘sketchy lines’ in a way I like to use it as well.


This artbook is available on the website of Cartoon Saloon.

Website Amélié Fléchais

Barbara Canepa


Writer, editor and illustrator. I know her work mostly from her comic book ‘End’. There is still one volume of it (can’t wait till the release for the next one) and I absolutely love her style. It’s a Victorian style mixed with Gothic and Dark Romance. Another comic book series of hers is Sky Doll.

Website/Blog Barabara Canepa

Benjamin Lacombe


One of the first illustrators that made me buy one of his books. It was just to pretty to let it go. He is a French author and illustrator, born in Paris. Nice fact; he has two dogs that are always appearing in his illustrations in some way. There are two books of him I can really recommend. ‘Ondine’ and ‘The garden fairies’. The first book is a story about a waternymph and the second book is an encyclopedia of a garden with magical creatures. The books have pages of chalk paper. This is semi see-through paper. He uses it to create layers in an illustration, very cool!

Website Benjamin Lacombe

Carine-M & Élian Black’Mor


This duo works together a lot as graphic designers, writers and illustrators. Their work is mostly in the theme Fantasy & Weird. You can see a lot of influences by Victorian and Dark Romantic styles. I have some of their books and I think their work is really inspiring.

Website Carine-M
Website Elian Black’Mor

Chris Riddell


Chris Riddell is a British illustrator. I found one of his book ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’ in a bookshop in Scotland. The cover of this book got my attention immediately. It is a cover with an extra layer of chalk paper. It creates a layer effect. I also really like his line work. The way he uses lines is very unique. He really builds his illustration with lines. The style of this book is Gothic/Dark Romantic so that’s cool too.

Website Chris Riddell

David García Forés


I don’t know if he has an portfolio website, I couldn’t find it. He is an illustrator and Art Director at iClassics, located in Barcelona. I found his work  by a Kickstarter project. He made a completely illustrated book with stories from Edgar Allan Poe titled ‘Ravings of love & death’.

His books are available by Playattitude.com

Lisa Aisato


A Norwegian writer and illustrator. She made several picture books. Her works often contains surrealistic elements and I like how that works for her and her style.

Website Lisa Aisato

Lois van Baarle


A Dutch illustrator that has lived all over the world. She draws digital and I think her art is at an amazing level. Her conceptwork is great, also the way she uses light and colors. Some time ago she released an artbook where she writes a lot about her work and how she works, including a lot of tips!

Website Loish

Rebecca Dautremer


A well-known French illustrator. I have some of her illustrated books in my bookcase. One I really like is ‘the small theatre of Rebecca’. This is a very delicate book, completely illustrated but also carved elements. There are lots of tiny elements that are cut. The book shows the stage of a theatre and the by the elements that are cut the scenes change all the time. Very impressive. Not a book for small children, it’s very delicate. Another beautiful book is her version of Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely love that fairytale and I think her version of it is cool. The book is big, so you have really something to hold hihi.

Website Rebecca Dautremer

Tim Burton


In this list I can’t leave him out: Tim Burton. An American illustrator, film director and producer. He has an predilection for cartoons, horror and Edgar Allan Poe. In his own work you see a lot of influences by dark humor, gothic styles and references to cartoon/horror.

Website Tim Burton

Valeria Docampo


An illustrator born in Argentina. She uses analog and digital techniques in her work. She is inspired by all sorts of things from everyday life. One of her picture books I really like is ‘The valley of the rolling mills’ (translated the title from Dutch).

Website Valeria Docampo

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