5 inspiring Etsy shops within the Fantasy Genre

I am one of the many artists who are inspired by the world of fantasy. Imagination, magic, creatures, magical spells, the fantasy genre has a lot to offer. I love the world of fantasy and I decided to dedicate this article to some great artists who make products inspired by the world of fantasy.



An Etsy shop opened in 2013 by Sarah Evans. She is one of my great examples when it comes to her choices in materials and product types. She knows very well what she is good at and I love the way she built her product assortment. 

At the beginning she started with paper cutting which grew to the level where she is today. She makes all kind of products. 'paper'cutting is still the base of her products, but she learned a lot and has grown a lot as well. Her products are mainly inspired by dragons and fairies. From wearable wings to jewelry to home decor.

-> Etsy Shop


My Dragon Spirit


Scarves and dragons, what a perfect combination. My Dragon Spirit is an Etsy shop founded by Branka (Slovenia). She sells silk scarves with dragon prints. The dragons are prints from her original illustrations. The results are stunning. I can't describe her passion better than how she describes it herself:

“With My Dragon Spirit I wanted to create something special and unique. To awaken your child's dreams of being that special little princess who is protected by her dragon or to be a little warrior who fights side by side with a dragon friend. Don't forget that you are never to old to have fun and to run into your fantasy world.”

-> Etsy Shop




A fantasy artist who works with felt. She is my example when it comes to the time she spends on her products, namely full-time. She is a full-time entrepreneur in a creative workfield and that is worth a compliment. It is so difficult to earn enough money with a profession in a creative workfield.

And as with many artists, it took a while before she found her true passion (or a combination of some passions). Once she started with felt she was able to combine it with fantasy themes. She started to make witch hats. Variations and extensions on those hats developed quick. She shows me that it is possible to find a way to combine your interests and turn it into salable products.

-> Etsy Shop


Art By Aelia


A Canadian shop opened in 2011. The founder, Aela Petros, calls herself an 'artistic mixed bag'. I think it's a funny title and I can relate to that description myself as well. She makes all kind of things and she works with a variety of materials. From clay sculptures to paintings and from resin jewelry to graphic designs. Her products are mostly dragon themed but some of her products are animal themed.

She doesn't focuses on only one profession or material. Her interests are bigger than only one thing. She shows me that you don't have to only do 1 thing to be successful. Of course you need to make some choices, but you can vary a little. You can have different interests.

-> Etsy Shop


Makosla Creations


Her creations are so awesome. I hope that someday I can buy one of them. Makosla Creations is an Etsy shop founded by Astrid Ayora. She makes awesome dragon sculptures from clay. What I love about her creations is that she really has an own style. When you see her work, it is recognizable. It's really unique.

Astrid studied Graphic Design and has worked as an illustrator. Later she traded 2D for 3D and started working with clay. Besides sculptures she makes a variety of products. dragons around Christmas baubles and also jewelry designs. She has a unique style and definitely found her passion. Astrid also works full time in her own business. 

-> Etsy Shop



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