5 reasons to buy gifts on Etsy

There is a party or an event and people expect you to bring a gift. Can be a relative's birthday, a housewarming party at a friends, or a colleague who recently got a baby. Time to search for gifts! Of course you can go to a general big store, but why not Etsy?

This article gives 5 reasons why it's a goof idea to shop for gifts on Etsy. 

Last weekend I was at a Dutch Etsy meeting with other Etsy sellers. It was so nice to meet other Etsy shopowners. Their enthusiasm and passion (very recognizable)  motivated me to write this article.

So, why should you shop on Etsy?

1. Unique products

On Etsy you can find handmade and vintage products. Passionate people who search for Vintage items and who make products with love. That's Etsy! It didn't take me very long to notice that every seller on it's own is driven by passion and love. 

Etsy isn't machine work. When you find a nice product, it's made with love. It doesn't matter what kind of products you are looking for, uniqueness is a characteristic of Etsy. 

I make handmade fantasy jewelry and products with my shop SB Designs Creations, but you can find all kind of gifts. Last Etsy meeting we had a group of 15 etsy sellers. together our shops had a huge variety of products. Some examples of the shops that were at the meeting:




Studio Maas

SB Designs Creations


2. Lots of choice, big assortment

Besides the uniqueness of the products, the assortment on Etsy is huge. there are so many sellers on Etsy! Besides general shops, there are also shops specialist in specific products.

I am pretty sure you can find what you are looking for. And if you can't find it, I am completely sure there is someone who can make what you are looking for as an custom order.


For example, I have a niece who loves banana's, she also loves baking...

A banana cookie mold


Or a gift for friend who's birthday is in winter and who loves sloths...

This cute hat:

No matter for who you are searching a gift for, on Etsy you can always find something nice.

3. You support small business

During the Etsy meeting one of the attendees was handing out a card with the following text:


”When you buy from a small business,

an actual person does a little happy dance.”


And this quote is very true. When I hear a cash sound on my phone (when someone buys something at my shop, I hear that sound), I do a little happy dance.

In the basics it's nice to sell a product, because it means money. But it also means appreciation for your work and that is priceless.

4. You are protected by Etsy

It can be hard to decide if you can trust a website of not. Especially when you are searching for a very specific product you can end up on unknown websites. That is a huge advantage when you shop on Etsy. As a buyer you are protected by Etsy. When something goes wrong along the way, it's very easy to contact Etsy with a problem. They are very strict when there are complaints and take the right action to the seller.

Due to a miscommunication I got a complaint one time. The complaint was from one of my customers. For some reason I didn't received her e-mails and she felt ignored. When she contacted Etsy I got a message from Etsy with the complaint and the urgent request to contact my customer. I had to fix the situations otherwise it could have adverse effects for me. Luckily for me it was all a misunderstanding and it was easy to fix. In the end my costumer was happy after all :). It showed me that Etsy takes her job to protect customers/buyers very seriously. 

5. It makes everyone happy


  • The shopowner makes a 'little happy dance' when you place your order.
  • The creative workfield is happy with you for supporting creative business.
  • People at Etsy are happy with you, because you support the Etsy community.
  • you make your colleague/friend/family member/neighbor happy with a unique gift. 

And it makes you happy, because with one purchase are all those people happy with you!

Convinced about shopping on Etsy? Follow this link to the site. And when you go to Etsy, I would truly like it if you pay a visit to my shop SB Designs Creations.

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