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Last saturday I was in Utrecht. Of course I had to visit some bookshops! In one of the bookshops I found a cool picturebook with the Dutch titel ‘Het Dieren Jazzcarnaval’. This book is written by Taï-Marc le Thanh and Rose Poupelain.

When I saw the cover of the book I loved the book immediately. The colors are so bright and the illustrations are very detailed. 

Rose Poupelain is also the illustrator of this book. She works as an illustrator, painter and sculptor. Besides this book, she has made some amazing patterns. you can find soms of those patterns on her website.

I will show you some pages of the book to give you an idea of the style:


I have to admit, when I bought this book I just bought it for the illustrations. So I read the story lately and I don’t think the story is great. The story-line is fine, but I think they use a lot of words to explain simple things. But, the illustrations are absolutely stunning, so I am glad I found this book ^^.


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