More (illustrated) jewelery in 2016

2015 was the year I gave it a try to make my own jewelery. I made jewelery before, but not with my own handmade textures. It was hard at first and lots of jewelery settings and components were ruined alnog the way. But with a little but more experience I really see the fun of it. Every piece is unique and I love it! I’m definitely making more in 2016.

For now I like to show you what I’ve made so far. Those pieces are mostly chokers and necklaces, but there is so much more jewelery to make and I’ve lots of ideas for different designs. For inspiration I mostly use Pinterest and other picture collection sites. The first customized order is a fact, so I’m really excited. I hope that this is the start of my handmade jewelery designs and I would love to sell them one day!

Ofcourse I don’t lose my illustration work out of sight. I just came to the conclusion that there are lots of ‘bijways’ you can take allong the way. Handmade productes have my interest and I think I can combine it with illustration just fine. For now I present you the jewelery I made last year:


rounded pendants with different texturetechniques:


Necklace design with blue texture:


Chokcer necklace design with a ‘crackle” texture:


Necklace with a red texture and feather charms:


A texture used in a necklace pendant with stars:


Necklace with a black/purple texture:


Assymetric feather earrings:


I’ve much more ideas for jewellery designs. Keep an eye on this blog or my Facebookpage for more jewelery designs.

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